How to last longer in bed: new tips

How to last longer in bed: new tips

Nothing can be more frustrating or disappointing than to ejaculate before your partner is ready. It cannot be very comforting, but it does happen often. When this occurs, continue stimulating your partner and continue with the intimacy. You are in the moment, so keep it unique for you and your partner. In this article, there will be some tips on how to last longer in bed. You want to be sure you and your partner are both satisfied.


How long do people typically last in bed?

Vaginal sex usually lasts three to seven minutes. However, that is too short, and it should last longer. If vaginal sex lasts ten to thirty minutes, that is considered too long. According to recent studies, vaginal/penal sexual intercourse should last seven to thirteen minutes. This information ONLY applies to vaginal/penal sex and does not include foreplay. Most people consider the end of sex when both partners have climaxed. However, vaginal sex does not always involve a partner with a penis. The numbers above are just for vaginal/penal sex and do not include anal sex. Anal sex and vaginal sex are two different things.

Communication between you and your partner should be shared on how to last longer. If that is your preference, when you have a conversation with your partner, discuss how they like their sex. Do they enjoy long and sensual or fast and aggressive? The idea is to learn how to satisfy each other and not look at the clock.


Some human body factors also may affect how long the encounter is and they are:

1.Age – As you get older, it may take longer to get aroused and have an erection. Still, the erection may also be more challenging to maintain. Hormonal changes in women, especially, can be dryness in the vaginal area. So, both these age factors can affect how to last longer.

2.Genitalia – The size and shape of the genitalia may also be a factor in how long it lasts. Some penises are sized and shaped to be more competitive hence faster ejaculation. Some penises may not be so competitively shaped and therefore take longer to ejaculate.

3.Sexual Dysfunction – ED (Erectile Dysfunction) may also have a play in it. Premature ejaculation can cause climax faster; delayed ejaculation may take longer.

How to last longer should be a discussion between you and your partner. Suppose you and your partner agree that your sexually intimate moments could stay longer. In that case, a conversation with your partner is always recommended. You may also talk to your doctor if you feel an underlying problem with your sexual functioning. Once again, share that information with your partner.


Why is someone “fast”?

There are many reasons why someone is too fast during sexual intercourse. We will only touch on a few. The number one reason someone is fast is due to premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is described as a partner who ejaculates with little or no sexual stimulation. This usually occurs right after the sex begins. This is primarily a sexual dysfunction in Males, and it is widespread.


There are also some psychological and biological reasons for premature ejaculation

1.Anxiety about sexual performance can create stress and cause them to be overstimulated, leading to going "too fast" in sexual intercourse.

2.Worry; men worry a lot about achieving an erection long enough, making it hard to satisfy their partners. So, they get in the habit of going too fast and continue from there. Men also worry about getting their penis hard enough to please their partner, again allowing them to get into the habit of going hard and fast. Which not all partners like.

3.Early traumatic experiences can lead to going too fast and premature ejaculation. Men may become hypersensitive and unable to slow down to enjoy sex. These are just some reasons why partners go “too fast.”


How to last longer in bed

1.Use more foreplay; using more foreplay is a good tip on how to last longer. Try switching sexual positions occasionally. Try experimenting with finger play and oral sex. Talking to your partner and asking what they enjoy is an excellent place to start regarding foreplay.


2.Experimenting with sex toys is also a good tip on how to last longer in bed. There are endless varieties of sex toys available at your local adult store or online. Start with a vibrator; it’s an oldie but a goodie kind of toy to use on your partner to arouse them sexually and allow you and your partner to enjoy sex longer.


3.Edging is another tip on how to last longer during sex. What is edging? Edging is when you get very close to ejaculation and stop until the feeling passes. This allows the intimacy to last longer so you and your partner climax together. There are two ways you can try to let yourself practice edging. The first way is to start penetrating and moving your penis in and out, then slowly stop and pause until the feeling passes. This method is called the “Start and Stop method.” The second way is to get your partner involved with edging, which may even arouse your partner a little more. Have your partner squeeze the head of your penis until you calm down; this is called the “squeeze method.”


4.Masturbating before a sexual encounter is also a good tip on how to last longer. This method will take some experimenting. Find a time close to when you will start having sex and masturbate a little to let out some of the energy and not get too worked up. However, you want to leave enough time to get excited when you start having sex and can enjoy it.


5.The last and final tip on how to last longer is to use thicker condoms. These are on the shelves titled extended pleasure. The thicker the condom, the longer it will last because the thicker condoms create a barrier that decreases the intensity of sensation during sex, allowing you to take longer to ejaculate. This will also decree the chance of premature ejaculation. The best advice is to try thicker condoms and see if it works for you.

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