Mission of The Peach

The Bad Peach is an emerging brand dedicated to providing our customers with the amazing and best quality products of sexy outfits and adult sexuality. We are looking forward to serving women and men who wish to have an enchanted moment of romance by providing products that can surely amplify the seduction in all of us.

What We Care

We care two things: whether women have fulfilled their sensuality and whether women and men have obtained a satisfying sense of romance and sexual enjoyment.

What we care is the reason why we build The Bad Peach and the standard that we follow to run our business and serve our customers. Making customers happy is what makes us satisfied with our services.


What We Provide

We provide sexy lingerie in a variety of styles and sex toys that enrich people’s sensory enjoyment. We care what our customers need, and keep moving to provide more and more stunning products.

With our stylist-selected wearables, we are here to add a touch of sensuality to the bedroom or, anywhere you want it to be.

People who has the proud to showcase body curves is attractive, and people who has the taste in romantic setting is breathtaking...... Bad Peaches is the tender combination of both.

Having a solid relationship with the manufacturers that we screened out from , we are proud to offer high-end quality products at rock-bottom price.