The newest anal sex toys for men and women

The newest anal sex toys for men and women

As much as you want to stimulate your genitals before and during sex, you can also experience great pleasures through your butt. Some call it butt plugs, while others refer to them as anal sex toys. These tiny devices are generally used to stimulate the senses in the anus. They’re shaped like cones with a wider base to prevent them from going in too far.


Types of anal sex toys

To ensure the best sexual pleasure, it’s also essential to familiarize yourself with the different kinds of anal sex toys. See the list below.


  • Anal beads.They’re spheres typically made with glass, stainless steel, or silicone joined with a cord. The anal beads usually come with a loop at the end, so you can easily retrieve them. These anal sex toys are designed to stimulate the nerves upon removal. This means you can try to pull them out as you climax.


  • Butt plugs. A butt plug is one of the many types of anal sex toys. It’s designed to be inserted into your anus and stay there during sex. Looking at its design, it’s narrow on the tip and slightly wider in the middle. This is to ensure a more manageable insertion. There are butt plugs with vibrations for extra stimulation, while they can also be smooth and textured.


  • Anal dildos.Using an anal dildo will stimulate the erogenous parts inside the anal cavity. It’s designed to have a wider base and a slight curve. Others can also be attached to a harness for pegging.


  • Prostate massagers.Men usually use these to stimulate the P-spot. This sex toy has smoother and rounded tips for easy insertion. In most cases, these massagers are curved in design to press against a part of the rectum that rests against your prostate.


How to use anal sex toys?

Whether you use these anal sex toys with a partner or alone, it’s necessary to know the right ways to use the device.


  • Choose your preferred anal sex toy and familiarize it before using it. The most important thing is to be comfortable when using the toy, so as much as possible, you must know how to operate it in a way you’re most comfortable with.


  • You can try it alone first. Solo anal foreplay is one of the best things to do to understand your body and preferences. As you know, some anal sex toys have vibration modes and patterns, so you can also explore them and see where you’re comfortable.


  • Hygiene is essential. Remember that you're inserting the sex toy into your anus, so you must clean up before you start anal play. You can take a shower an hour before an intimate night.


Five newest anal sex toys for men and women

Check out some newly-released anal sex toys from the list below.

1.Solomon Butt Plug Set

As you know, choosing the right anal sex toy is essential. This Solomon anal sex toy collection comes in sets with four different lengths. They’re all made of silicone, ensuring easier anal penetration during sex.

2.Star Arrow Intensive Electric Shock Anal Plug

This anal sex toy gives you the freedom to use your hand or the plug. The body is made of silicone, so it’s stretchy and can adjust to any size. The toy is waterproof, so whether in a pool or a shower, you can explore sensual pleasures with this anal sex toy.

3.Joy Wand Anal Irrigator

Experience the best orgasm with this wand, which can also be used as a full-body pleasure. This anal irrigator has three different modes to suit your erotic fantasies. The toy might look huge, but it’s designed to fit anyone's butt.

4.Rosa Butt Plug Set

Whether you’re an expert or new to anal sex, this Rosa butt plug set is your toy to reach orgasmic pleasures. You can use it anywhere when showering, working out, or even cooking. Wear it to stimulate your sensual parts before having sex.

5.Nicole-RCT Cock Ring Vibrator

This vibrator does not only explore sensual pleasures on your anus but also stimulates your cock. You can do it simultaneously for an extra layer of sensual pleasure. The toy is handy so you can bring and use them wherever you may be. Plus, it's waterproof.

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