5 Best Clitoral Stimulators for Women

5 Best Clitoral Stimulators for Women

Orgasm does not happen very quickly for most women. This is generally a significant concern for them and partners who want to do more sexual intercourse. It's why clitoral stimulation must be included when it comes to sex. In most cases, it's not only about having sex that you can use a clitoral stimulator as women can maximize them even if they're alone and want to feel good by exploring their sensitive sexual spots.


What is clitoral stimulation?

The clitoris is considered the pleasure center of a woman's reproductive anatomy. While some might think that the clit is the tiny nub at the top of your vulva, that nub is generally part of the clitoris. Essentially, the clit is a complex network of various erectile nerves and tissues. As you stimulate your clitoris, it makes you feel sexually aroused.


Different people have various ways of stimulating the clitoris. However, in most cases, experts would say that setting the mood is a vital part of the sexual experience. Clitoral stimulation might take time, so you can use your imagination with some sexy literature or porn scenarios for you to feel turned on.


Of course, another part of clitoral stimulation is exploring other erogenous zones of one's body like the nipples, before touching the clit. As you know, your clit consists of erectile nerves, so you can slowly stimulate the other parts of your clit until you feel good, aroused, and reach your orgasm.


How to use a clitoral stimulator?

A clitoral stimulator comes in different kinds and forms. The first you must know is to check the features of your stimulator. Here are some standard steps on how to use a clitoral stimulator.


  • Ensure to charge your stimulator for about 12 hours if it's your first use to ensure the best functionality.
  • You can put a lubricant on it for a smoother insertion.
  • In most cases, your clitoral stimulator will have different vibration levels. It's recommended to start from the lowest power and speed setting. As you know, your clit is a sensitive organ, and starting slow and gradually making your way up through stronger vibrations will make the orgasm more pleasurable.
  • Ensure to maximize the vibration patterns based on what works for you. There are licking patterns you can use through your clitoral stimulator.
  • Remember to clean the stimulator before and after using it.


The 5 newest clitoral stimulators for women

New sex toys arise in the market daily. This is why, sometimes, it can be challenging to choose among the thousands of them. The following clitoral stimulators are the newest and recommended ones in the market.


1.Pinky Tricker G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator 

This clitoral stimulator boasts nine licking patterns that you can explore to experience the most pleasurable orgasm you could have. You can start from the teasing murmur lick to the pleasing pulse pattern as you work your way up. You know that this is a 2-in-1 stimulator. While one part is making licking patterns on the clit, the head of this clitoral stimulator resembles the shape of a real penis giving pleasure to your G-spot and U-point.


2.Candy Rechargeable Silicon Rabbit Vibrator 

It's a rabbit-like clitoral vibrator. This sex toy is handy enough to put in your bag when you travel, and it's discreet, so no one would know you're using it to explore your sexual pleasures. This candy rechargeable vibrator has a dual function providing excellent internal penetration while stimulating the clit at the same time.


3.Sweet Scream Clitoral Stimulator

This is more than just a clitoral stimulator since you can use the ten sucking vibration levels and patterns on your butt, clit, and nipples. It's a vibrator handy enough to put in a small bag to bring it anywhere.


4.Hurricae USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator 

This stimulator has sucking modes you can maximize to explore the sensitive spots on your ears, nipples, and clitoris. While stimulating your clit might take time, this sex toy ensures you can reach the best orgasm quickly.


5.Jodie Portable Comma Clitoral Vibrator

Don't be fooled by its size. This sex toy might be small, but it provides massive vibrations to stimulate and arouse your sensual pleasures. You can use this with your male partner to send instant stimulation to the penis or scrotum.

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