The best sexy honeymoon lingeries for women

The best sexy honeymoon lingeries for women

If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, you can’t afford to wear just any underwear you can lay your hands on; that’s for boring women. Smart ladies who understand the power of sex appeal go for the best lingerie money can buy. This is especially true if you are planning your honeymoon with your partner. While your partner does the running around to put things in place for the trip, the least you can do is to add a few honeymoon lingeries to your baggage.

This is because every night you spend together during your honeymoon should be special, and wearing the right outfits even when you are indoors should be your top priority.

In this post, we reel out some helpful guides to help you pick the right lingerie and some of our top recommendations to make every night with your partner unforgettable during your honeymoon.

Guide to picking the right lingerie for honeymoon

Let’s set the ball rolling by reviewing some of the things to bear in mind when selecting honeymoon lingeries for your trip.

1.Know his triggers

The saying “men are moved by what they see” is so true. The key to unlocking your partner’s sexuality is to know what turns him on. Does he like racy outfits? How does he react when you show some skin? If you are unsure about his likes, feel free to ask him; doing so is no harm.

If you know what he likes, picking the lingeries he will find attractive will not be a problem.


The fabric is also very important. Know what works for you before you start your search. If you swear a lot, you should go for lace or satin lingerie but avoid leather or polyester. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to choose lingerie made with soft cotton, especially on days when you will be outdoors for hours. The best lingerie fabrics are those with breathable holes that let in air.

3.Your Size

Size also matters. You want something you’ll feel comfortable in. If you are unsure about your size or feel you’ve added a little more weight in recent times, consider measuring your bust and waistline with tape to be sure.


Some honeymoon lingerie is better worn indoors so your partner can appreciate your physique in all your glory. Pick racier outfits for summer nights but outdoor use; go for something that’s not so extravagant. Chemises and teddies are great for indoors, while bikinis are perfect for the beach.

When choosing sexy honeymoon lingerie, the key things to bear in mind are your partner’s taste and comfort.

The best sexy honeymoon lingeries   

To help you make the best choice, we have reviewed our collections; here are our top-rated honeymoon lingeries for newlyweds.

1.  Purple Crotchless Teddy

This purple crotchless teddy has the perfect color and design to put your man in the mood for a steamy night. It has a floral lace hollow design and an adjustable strap so you can adjust it to fit your frame. This is one of the best nightwear bodysuits in our collection.

2.  Chocolate Black Lace & Mesh Teddy

Do you like V-neck bras? Check out this Chocolate floral V-neck open bra for an adventurous look. It will firm up your breast while giving your entire frame a perfect silhouette. Moreover, the lace fabric will feel comfortable on your skin, and you can wear it indoors and outdoors.

3.  Candy Red Open Front Bodysuit

Be the perfect eye candy for your man in the bedroom with this randy red open-front bodysuit. It exposes your back and sculpts your midsection to give you the perfect hourglass shape. This is the perfect lingerie that will make the blood of any man boil.

4.  Criss-Cross Red Bra Set

You can always raise your game and look sexy with this Criss Cross bra set. It has a sexy see-through design that leaves very little to the imagination. You can flaunt your upper body in a fun and sexy way without exposing it all; at least, not yet.

5.  Black Strappy Lingerie Teddy

This halter neck teddy with an adjustable cage panty is another top choice for honeymoon lingeries. The big bow detail will accentuate your curves without causing discomfort.

In conclusion, when picking honeymoon lingeries, always have your partner in mind to select the type of lingeries he likes. No one knows your man better than you, and if you master the art of exciting him in the bedroom, he will have eyes for no woman but you.

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