Butt plug explained: meaning, how to use & buying guide

Butt plug explained: meaning, how to use & buying guide

When women are asked in online forums about their favorite sex toys dildos appear at the top of the list alongside butt plugs. Butt plugs are ingenious sex toys that have truly revolutionized the sex toys industry in recent times. If you have never bought or used a butt plug before you should try one out if you are not against the idea of using sex toys to pleasure yourself.

Below we review this sex toy and show you how to use it.


Types of butt plugs

There are different types of butt holes sold in the open market so shoppers have limitless options. Let us review some of the butt plug types you will find online and at sex toy shops.


1.Non vibrating butt plug: This type of butt plug doesn’t have a vibrator mechanism inside. To stimulate the rectum the user will have to move it with their hands or move their butt or hips to get stimulated. Also, Kegel exercises work for non vibrating butt plugs by tightening and releasing the rectum walls. Non vibrating butt holes are perhaps the cheapest models in the market.


2.Vibrating butt plug: The opposite of non vibrating butt plug is a vibrating butt plug. This one uses a vibrator mechanism that is as small as a bullet. The vibrator is at the base of the plug and when switched on it stimulates the veins around the rectum wall.

3.Rotating plug: A rotating plug doesn't work like the vibrating model. Instead, this one rotates in a circular motion to stimulate the prostate. Rotation butt plugs may not work for everyone as not everyone has prostate glands. However, there are still people who still enjoy using it despite not having this gland.

4.Thrusting butt plug: A trusting butt plug works like a dildo. It is designed for simulated penetration of the anal region. There are thrusting plugs with vibrators and remote controls to increase the sensation. When it is turned on, it moves inside the rectum but the feeling is not the same as one would get with a dildo as dildos make inward and outward movements.


5.Remote control butt plug: As the name suggests, a remote control butt plug has mechanical functions which are regulated with a remote control. The user can insert it, lay still then regulate the plug by switching it from one setting to the next. Remote controlled plugs are also a favorite of many couples who are into role play.


How to use a butt plug?

If you have never used a butt plug before you don’t have to develop cold feet as it is easy to use. Here is how to start out as a beginner.

1.Apply lube in abundance

Before you insert the plug into your butt, apply a lot of lube to make insertion easier. Remember that, unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce its own lubricant so you need to apply as much lube as possible to make it slippery. Lubricating your butt plug will also make it sex safer and fun and it will reduce muscle soreness.

2.Go easy and slow

Start slowly and don’t be in a rush; you have all the time in the world to use your butt plug to maximum satisfaction. The best way to enjoy anal sex is when you are relaxed to calm down. If you are using it on yourself, insert it slowly and wait for a while to experience the feeling. Once you are comfortable and aroused you can then kick into gear.

3.Don’t be judgmental

Although butt plugs are popular among women folk many men enjoy using them too but will never admit them; and they don't have to. It is an anal stimulant that works for both genders so don't judge yourself as doing so will kill your desire and fun.

4.Massage Your P Spot

When using a butt plug use one hand to massage your P spot as the prostate can be very sensitive to touch. Doing this will increase arousal levels and cause you to climax.

5.Apply a little pressure

Apply a little pressure and see how it feels. You can apply pressure on your vagina walls for good measure. If you are using it with your partner you can have them give you oral sex for double pleasure. But if you are in for some real action you can have your partner penetrate you.


Are butt plugs safe?  

Butt plugs are safe if they are used correctly. Stimulation should be slow and gradual and should not be done aggressively. If you are aggressive about it you will feel pain, discomfort, and even bleeding. And if you feel uncomfortable after using a butt plug it could mean that something is wrong. However, if you are careful you will not experience a negative result.


Guide to buying the best butt plug for beginners

If you are a first time buyer you may not know which butt plug will serve you best but there are certain features you should look out for.

1.Flared bottom: Any butt plug you buy should have a flared bottom so it doesn’t go too deep into your bowel and get lost.

2.Body safe: It should be made of body safe materials like silicone, stainless steel, or even borosilicate glass. These materials are easy to clean. Avoid plugs made with hard plastic or acrylics because they can cause bacterial infections.

Butt plugs are easy to use and can even spice up your sex life with your partner. The Bad Peach has butt plugs of different types and sizes, check them out.


What is a butt plug?

A butt plug is a sex toy for women. It is designed like the shape of a penis (similar to a dildo) but it is much smaller than a dildo. Butt plugs are designed to be inserted into the rectum or butt hole to cause sexual tension and pleasure. Unlike dildos, butt plugs are flanged at the end to prevent them from going too deep into the butt hole and getting lost.

Butt holes are also designed to accommodate the shape of the rectum which is different from the shape of the vagina. While the vagina closes off by the cervix the rectum travels all the way to the Sigmoid colon which is why the tip of a bit plug is flared to prevent it from traveling all the way to the bowel.

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