How to find the best lingerie for plus sizes?

How to find the best lingerie for plus sizes?

Are you a plus-size woman who likes to look sexy and confident indoors and outdoors? You would agree that wearing the right lingerie is one way to boost your self-esteem and sex appeal. However, finding the best lingerie for plus sizes is not as easy as it should be.

For years, women in plus size had a hard time finding outfits that fit, including underwear, which fed into the vulnerability many plus size women experienced. If you dread how you’ll look in sexy lingerie and what your partner’s reaction will be to it, you are not alone. Millions of plus size women like you also experience similar insecurities.

However, the good news is that lingerie and fashion designers are generally beginning to take the needs of plus size women much more seriously.

If you are a plus size woman who desires to stock up her wardrobe with lingerie for plus sizes, this is one article you should read until the end to learn something new about your body shape and how to pick lingerie that fits.

Is plus size lingerie more popular?    

To be honest, lingerie for plus size women is not as popular as lingerie for slim women or women with an average weight. However, trends are taking a turn for the better for two reasons.

Firstly, advocates of plus size women have caused a seismic change in the way society views plus sized women. This is why the negative social sentiments that pervaded society for years about plus size women have changed.

 Although there are still negative stereotypes about plus sized people, things are not as bad as they used to be. So much, so that fashion brands are beginning to explore the body positivity movement.

Secondly, the rise in the number of plus sized women in society has created a rising demand for plus size lingerie. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find major brands marketing lingerie for plus sizes using plus sized models.

As the trend continues, plus size lingerie will become even more popular.

What type of lingerie looks best on plus size?

When selecting lingerie for plus size, you need to be a lot more choosy because of your body shape. What will fit an average or slim sized person will not fit you. So, what type of lingerie will fit your plus size?

You need to know your bra size first. Bras come in different sizes bearing numbers to indicate their size. In some cases, bra bands and their underbust measurement are not the same. This is why some plus sized women have a hard time finding the right lingerie.

So the type of lingerie that will fit your plus size frame must have a minimum 38-inch band size or larger. As for the design, you can go for A, D, or J cups. Ensure that the shape of the bra will make you sit right. If you have a large bust, you want something that will give your chest a perfect balance. Women with smaller busts should opt for push up bras.

As for the panties, you can experiment with lace or cotton fabric with slim or thick bands. At the end of the day, just go with what you are not comfortable with.

How to find the best lingerie for plus sizes?

We understand that finding the best lingerie for plus sizes can be tricky, but if you know your body shape, you’ve done half the job. Please read our guide to help you make the right choice when shopping for lingerie for plus sizes.

1.Focus on the features

The first thing you want to focus on is the features of the lingerie. Make sure the band fits just right. If you prefer wired lingerie, make sure it is made with a skin-friendly material that will not irritate your skin.

2.Body Shape

Another important thing to focus on is your body shape. Is your body shape round, triangle, diamond straight, or inverted triangle? If you know your body shape, you can scan online stores and check their body shape category to identify a perfect lingerie set. Here are the physical characteristics to look out for.

Height: If you are tall with long limbs, you should go for a teddy, bustier, or corset lingerie. Lingerie with thick fabric is best for tall plus sized women. If your torso is long, you can adjust the straps to fit. For average or snort, women think fabric lingerie is best.

Athletic:  For plus size women with an athletics build, you want lingerie that will sculpt your frame. Avoid loose lingerie; the tighter, the better though this can be adjusted by fiddling with the straps. Push-up bras and cutouts are best. We recommend bustiers and balconettes.

Petite: Are you plump and petite? There will always be the perfect plus size lingerie for you. Bralettes with tiny underwires are great for petite women. Just make sure that there is sufficient strap support with the proper length.

Curvy: Curvy women should not be afraid to play with their curves, and there are so many lingerie options to choose from. Baby dolls, rompers, and corset lingerie look great on curves. For the fabric, you may opt for lace or see-through fabric; the choice is yours.


Do you go for a single set or a set with two or more pieces? If you like to switch designs often, a double or triple set may not be the best option unless they have different colors. But note that single sets may or may not cost as much as multiple piece sets.


Your budget should also determine the lingerie you buy. Two factors that influence lingerie prices the most are fabric quality. Lace lingerie costs more than synthetic fabric. What matters most is your comfort.

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