Lingerie trends of 2024: new designs and styles

Lingerie trends of 2024: new designs and styles

Whether it's for your honeymoon, wedding night, or just because you want to purchase new pieces of lingerie for steamy nights, you must first know what type of lingerie you prefer. As you know, you can find millions of them online and in physical stores.

This article provides ideas and tips on which lingerie to purchase for the New Year and where to get them. Read along to learn more.


Lingerie trends of 2024

For most people, wearing a piece of lingerie profoundly impacts their confidence and self-esteem. It is a way to feel attractive, sexy, and desired. This empowerment and confidence may translate into the bedroom, eventually creating a more intimate and enjoyable experience for couples.


As the New Year nears, most are looking for the trendy lingerie styles of 2024. You can check out the lingerie types that will be a hit next year.


  • Bra and panty sets. This is a classic type of lingerie, which is still expected to be a hit in 2024. The bra and panty set provides a coordinated look that lets you express your style in the most intimate elements of your wardrobe. You can opt for lace and net lingerie for a flawless and seamless look.


  • Bridal lingerie. If you're shopping for your wedding dress, you can also look for bridal lingerie. You can be detailed with this type of lingerie, like choosing those laced sets with some embellishments to add fun to your look.


  • Elegant bodysuits. This lingerie is a versatile one-piece garment made from mesh, lace, or satin. Bodysuits should be your go-to lingerie if you want a streamlined and sleek silhouette.


What are the best lingeries for women?

As mentioned, there are generally various types of lingerie for women. The following are some of the best types which most people prefer wearing.


  • Lingerie sets. If this is your first time looking for lingerie, the matching set will be a good idea for building your collection. Investing in high-quality underwear and bras that fit and flatter your body shape will make you feel comfortable and empowered.


  • Chemises and babydolls. There's a slight difference between babydolls and chemises. The former comes in a looser fit, while the latter usually fits snugly on the body. Regardless of your choice, these two types of lingerie always get the job done. They draw attention to your waist and play up your hips and bust. You pair these pieces with a bra and panty set during intimate nights.


  • They're one-piece lingeries which are designed to stay in the bedroom. Most teddies have plunging necklines, while others come in a sensual material like a lace. Most teddies are meant to fit snugly into your body and accentuate those curves.


  • Crotchless Lingerie. Add some spice to your wardrobe with crotchless lingerie. They come in various fabrics like sheer, silk, or lace. Besides the panties, this type of lingerie also includes chemises, body stockings, and teddies.


Best lingeries for women in 2024

Before deciding to purchase lingerie pieces, getting some inspiration and ideas from the list below might be essential.

White Lace Strappy Bra Set 

This is a sexy bra and panty set which is meant to spice up your hot nights. Whether it's to amuse your partner or you want to feel and look sexy before pleasuring yourself, this white-laced lingerie set is an excellent pick. The V-design covers your crotch, while the strappy design on the back flaunts your body curves and your butt.

Santa Please Bunny Peach Costume

It's still the holiday season, and what better way to enjoy it than wearing this red bunny sexy lingerie? The see-through detail and deep neckline let you flaunt more skin and curves. The overall fit is generally spicy and always inviting for a hot night. The opening on the crotch part allows easy entrance during sex.

Black Strappy Lingerie Teddy 

It's a revealing black teddy that exudes sexiness when worn. The lingerie might be strappy, but it's easily removable, especially if you want to show off more skin to your partner. It's laced in front, while the all-strap detail at the back lets you flaunt those sexy behind.

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