Flattering Leopard Prints Teddy

Flattering Leopard Prints Teddy

Just like choosing the colors for your outerwear, there are also a lot of factors to consider when you decide on sexy lingerie colors. Sure, you can always buy black or white since those have always been standard choices. But why limit yourself when there is a whole array of colors available for your different moods and to create different looks?


In this article, we will talk about some of the most popular colors that women choose when buying sexy lingerie, and unravel the meanings behind these color choices.


The Importance of Color in Sexy Lingerie

Color plays an important part in how sexy and beautiful you look and feel while wearing lingerie. Different colors also evoke different reactions from your partner, as you will see once you try wearing a wider variety in the bedroom. Here are some of the best colors that you can start with.


Sexy Black Lingerie

Black is considered to be the ultimate lingerie color for seduction and elegance. If you wear black lingerie in the bedroom, you immediately exude a sexiness that is sophisticated, classy and erotic all at the same time, that your partner will find it impossible to resist. Black lingerie is also great to wear during the day under your work outfits. It gives you a feeling of power that translates to sheer confidence.


Wearing any style of black lingerie will instantly make you feel sexy, regardless of your body type or skin tone. Black looks great on anybody, and that is probably the main reason why this is the number one choice for most women. Also, if you are a man looking to buy sexy lingerie as a gift for your lady but don’t really know which sexy lingerie color she prefers, you can never go wrong with black. It is a timeless, universal choice that will look beautiful on anyone.


Sexy Red Lingerie

Passion and sensuality are the first things that come to mind with red lingerie. If you step into your bedroom wearing any kind of sexy red lingerie, it would be a very clear indication to your partner that you are in the mood for a sexy time, and you don't even have to say it out loud. Red also symbolizes strength, confidence and feminine empowerment.


For men, red is a very attractive color, especially in lingerie. There have been several surveys where men, when asked to choose the most attractive lady, would often pick the ones wearing red rather than other colors.


Red lingerie looks especially alluring on women with red hair. The complementary shades give an astonishingly fierce look that will definitely make an impression. You would be the girl on fire with the hotness that can't easily be matched. Also, red lingerie also creates a sexy contrast on ladies with green eyes.


Sexy White Lingerie

White has always been the symbol of purity, innocence and virginity. However, wearing sexy white lingerie does not necessarily mean that you are being a hypocrite by pretending to be more innocent than you really are. In fact, there is plenty of rather risqué white lingerie these days, like see-through lace negligees and naughty crotchless teddies.


Nowadays, white clothing is quite trendy as it exudes the Boho chic style of fashion that many celebrities have been donning lately. It might also surprise a lot of women to find out that men love sexy white lingerie on women. Next to black, this is the most popular choice for men as they find it extremely attractive.


Sexy Pink Lingerie

Sexy pink lingerie is probably the best choice if you are in a sweet but flirty mood with your man. In the bedroom, pink evokes feelings of romance and sensitivity. It is the perfect choice of sexy lingerie color for young love and new relationships where you might still be testing the waters with regards to your limits on lust and adventure.


The exact mood can vary depending on the particular shade of pink that you choose, and there are plenty. From light pastel pink to a very strong fuchsia hue, you have a variety of pieces to choose from. Lingerie in a light shade of pinks like carnation, salmon or baby pink is especially sexy on blondes, while brunettes can easily rock the darker shades like fuchsia and magenta.


Sexy Purple Lingerie

The traditional symbolism of the color purple has been for royalty and luxury. Indeed, no other color of lingerie can probably give you the feeling of extravagance and opulence than purple. It is a very feminine yet very strong color that certainly uplifts a woman’s confidence.


Guide to Picking the Best Colors for Your Sexy Lingerie

Knowing the meanings of the different lingerie colors can be very useful and is also a lot of fun. But in order to pick the best colors for your sexy lingerie, you also need to consider your physical attributes like skin tone, hair color and even eye color. Your lingerie should enhance your features, not overpower or subdue them. You want to bring out the color of your eyes and


more importantly, you want to consider your own personality when picking the color for your lingerie. Let’s say you are a demure lady who lives a generally conservative lifestyle. In this case, highly suggestive red lingerie might not be the best match for you. But then again, picking something that is totally out of character might also be a great way to surprise your partner and spice things up in the love nest.


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you just have to stick with your instincts when picking a sexy lingerie color. After all, you are the one who is going to wear it so the most important thing is for you to feel perfectly comfortable and sexy in it. The more confident and self-assured you are while wearing your lingerie, the sexier you will look to anyone who sees you.

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